Pratice and exercise the three steps form for breathing

Practice and exercise the three steps form for breathing, means: “no pay attention to your breath as you do the exercise firstly”, “following the breathing” means time for open our doors of impressions and see and hear the teatcher’s explanations, and finally “forgetting the breathing”, means again no pay attention to it and leave the breath naturally to work and do the rest of exercise.

Start practicing and exercise the Qi gong of the three spine areas, to unstress them and inhale Qi as we expand them again now moving from natural healing power and try to find in private sessions which area of our spine need to pay attention and care and need to do often and more exercise with focus in this area, with the help of Acupuncture, Diet and other necessary techniques if needed.

“Only in this third stage the breathing will become natural, and will get into a long, soft, gentle and continuous qigong way of breathing”
Dr Liu Dong